Lawn Care Service

Lawn Sculptures 

has been the number one Lawn Maintenance company in Tampa for over 30 years.  We are lawn care maintenance and landscape company.  On every scheduled visit to your property we can mow, edge, Line trim, Trim plants and shrubs, pick up debris, control weeds then blow off. We are licensed to spray Round-Up and include that with most contracts.  We are a contract only company, which ensures you will have the same cost month after month and guarantees we will be there week after week.  Some lawn companies have a motto Mow, Blow and Go, but not Lawn Sculptures.  We understand how important your property is to you and we pride ourselves on great services.  All lawns need care, whether it is nutrients or a certain cut height for a certain time of the year.   Let Lawn Sculptures meet with you and go over the direction you want to take your property in.   We can meet your needs from service days to trimming and installing.

Mowing is what makes are breaks a lawn. Either too high and you can’t stand it or too low and you will damage or kill it.  Most lawns have a normal height we like to cut them at  (3-5 inches) for different times of the year.  Sharp blades and knowledge of your yard ( where the dips are, any exposed pipes) will help you get the lawn you always wanted. We can go over you account and adjust to fit your needs to still maintain healthy turf.

Edging makes everything look clean. Concrete drives and walk ways are edged along with flower beds to add definition.  If the corners and edges are clean it brings it all together.

Irrigation is the most important part of a healthy yard.  If your plants and grass get water your problems are cut in half.  We can design an irrigation plan to cover your account that will save you time and money on keeping up with your yard.

Trimming is another crucial part of a neat and clean landscape presentation.  Hedges, shrubs, and low trees should be trimmed on a monthly basis.  Not every plant needs trimming and knowing what types of plants need what kind of trimming is very important.  We know that having a good looking yard is important to you and your family.  Trimming can be done in sections on your property to save you money.

Seasonal planting can be done on a scheduled basis or per customer request.  Annuals and perennials can be planted to your taste and property needs. Two to six times a year we can re-plant your favorite types of plants.  Some examples are Coleus, Impatiens, Begonias, Tulips, Poinsettias, and Caladiums.

General landscape direction can help save you a lot of money in the long run.  Decide what you want your yard to look like.  For example, do you prefer Tropical, Classic, Traditional, or English?  You can have a lush, full tropical landscape or a tightly manicured property.  Tell us and we can cater your plan so it makes you feel property feel like a home.