Landscape Plans

Landscaping is the first thing you see when you look at a property. Commercial or Residential, there is a certain look and feel you can imagine every time you see it. Whether a large commercial properties with acres of space you need to fill for code, to that small intimate backyard for your family. Lawn Sculptures has designed and installed some of the largest developments here in Tampa, and welcomes the chance to design that perfect area for you.

Palms and Trees: Either a large Oak tree to swing under or the picture perfect Palm tree to look at, Lawn Sculptures has installed, grown, or moved them all. Let use create the canopy you always wanted for your yard

Plants and Annuals: Lets face it, plants and annuals make your house look good and you feel better. They are nice to look at, fun to grow and almost every time there is a story about some plant on your property.  Let Lawn Sculptures install plants that work for your house.  Installing plants that will service in low light, the heat of summer, the cold of winter,  and different types of water conditions is an art and if they are not installed correctly, you could just be throwing your money away. 

Landscape DesignThis is where Lawn Sculptures stands above the rest. We can design, install, maintain your property that will save you time and money.  Having that great backyard or that center piece in your yard is perfect only if you can figure out what exactly you want. We can help you put it into words, design it, then implement and install it, and then maintain it for years to come.

Landscape ArchitectsThis is a slippery slope and I say that with respect to the amount of money you will spend and problems that arise with some of their work. But here it goes ( I have already received emails from friends and Architects that I know) If you hire an Architect, their entire job is to make you happy at this point.. right now. It will look amazing and could be blown away with what they are offering. You spend the money and you install everything they have suggested and sold you on. And it looks great, you couldn’t be happier….then 2 months go by. You realize that in this 10 foot section you have 20 plants all of which have doubled in size, almost suffocating the smaller weaker plants out. Now you have a problem, not only did you just spend money on twice as many plants as you needed you now have to spend more money to pull them out or keep trimming them week after week and never get a bloom off them. That is the problem with instant gratification that Architects come up with. It is their job and it is what you wanted but when it come to plants in Florida, it should be understood that plants grow. That one 3 gallon plant will become a 15 gallon plant before you know it. Now saying that, if you do not have any idea of what you want and you believe an Architect is that way to go just make sure you understand their job is to make you happy and give you what you want, and they will.. Today

Let Lawn Sculptures work with you to design your perfect yard. You don’t always need more plants sometimes you just need a better plan.