Questions to Ask


When you are ready to hire a lawn maintenance company to take care of your lawn, there are some questions you should ask yourself and the company doing the work

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Here is a list of questions I get asked and what I ask customers:

Are they insured? – This is the biggest one.

Ask to see proof included in the quote or estimate.  All companies should carry some kind of protection or they are not a true company. We have all seen it, some guy pulls up in a truck and tells you he can cut your lawn for half of what the other charges.  Then you have to hope he shows up, doesn’t break anything or injure himself on your property.  If a tree or branch goes through your window or an irrigation problem comes up, it will cost you so much more, good luck trying to get money from that guy.  It might cost more than the neighborhood kid pushing the lawn mower but you will thank me if a problem occurs.

What about a license and insurance?

Make sure they have these 2 pieces of paper.  It covers everyone, it helps show that the company has taken these steps and that the owner/s have indeed thought this through.  Many people have tried to start a lawn company just to find out they don’t like it.  Now you property is in limbo and you will have to pay another company more money to clean up the mess.

Don’t be fooled.

If a company sprays chemicals on your property,  including Round-Up, they need a license.
If a tree company trims trees they need insurance.
If a lawn company uses a ladder they need different insurance than standard lawn care insurance.
If any company does work above 8 feet tall, they need the right license and insurance or they put every one at risk, especially the PROPERTY OWNER.

Who is going to working on my property?

Talk to the people who will do the actual work on the grounds.

Make sure you trust the company; this is where your family lives and a lawn crew will be there every week looking around your grounds, going in and out of the backyard and near your windows.  Feel safe at your house and protect your family and investment.

See if they have a big turnover rate with their employees and if they do a back ground check before they hire them.  Make sure they have company signs and shirts. Make sure they are wearing a company shirt, it helps ensure you that the company is not a fly-by- night outfit and wants to promote a business- like atmosphere at work.  Besides you don’t want a half naked man running around your house sweating without a shirt on.

Do they have the right equipment for the job?

Make sure they have the right equipment that can do the right job like large professional lawn mowers, pole saws, extended trimmers, chain saws, and ladders in good condition.  Work trucks and trailers should be lettered; you don’t want to hire a person that says all the right things, then see him pulling a push mower out of a station wagon.

How long have they been in business?

This is important to an extent.  We all started out at one time or another with out true work experience in running/owning a company.  Trusting the person you are talking to and seeing the equipment that will be on your property can show you his goals and where he wants to take the business.  This is important because you need to know if they are going to be there in 6 months or if this just another means to an end.  If a company wants a contract that generally tells you they have been doing this for sometime and know both parties have an agreement that will be honored.  The name of the game is to grow your company, make sure they have more than one employee.  The owner of the company may not always be on the property with the crew.  Make sure there is a schedule of how often the owner is there.

Will they do everything I want?

This is generally overlooked, surprising as it may seem.  Most lawn companies have a good number of accounts.  Make sure there is a written form for your own account, talk with the foremen and owner of the company to go over EXACTLY what you want.  Make sure the company can handle the job.  Agree any and all work to be done.  Get it in writing.  Do not assume they will handle your prized area of your yard if you do not tell them a direction you want to take it in.  If you like edge lines around your concrete but not around your beds, tell them.  A lawn company normally is just that, a lawn company.  If you have irrigation problem (Irrigation Company), a fungus problem (Fertilizer and Pest Spray Company), dead or dying trees (Tree Company or Arborist), find out if the lawn company can take care of that or how much will be out sourced.  Talk to your lawn company and decide what direction you want your property to be in.  Remember if they are not covered and do not have the right license and insurance to do the job right you will be held responsible for accidents or damages on your property.

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