Lawn Sculptures has been featured in the news and on the radio a few times when they are looking for an expert in the field.  We have also had a chance to work with different companies and schools about improving equipment quality and conveniences for customers working with lawn service companies.  

Lawn Sculptures on ABCNews Tampa Mowz

Lawn Sculptures – ABC Action News Tampa

Today Brendan McLaughlin interviewed Noel Suders at Lawn Sculptures about an app called MOWZ coming to the Tampa area.

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Smart phone app “Mowz” promises to become the

Uber of lawn mowers

Lawn service ordered with tap of the finger

Lawn Sculptures in South Tampa thinks the idea is worth considering.

“As far as technology looking forward, we don’t want to turn any ideas away,” said Noel Suders.

Channel 10 Action News- Gas Prices with Lawn Sculptures

Bill Logan

ABC Action News / Lawn Sculptures

Today Bill Logan came out to interview Lawn Sculptures on the rising cost of gas prices.  Accu-Weather reporter Bill Logan has been with ABC Action News since 2004 and wanted to find out how a company like ours deals with this issue. Chad talked to him about the amount of money every month we put into our trucks and how you need to watch every penny now.

Lawn Sculptures

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“The cost of gas has gone up over $1.00 in last last 6 months”  Chad told Bill, and we don’t’ see any relief anytime soon. We have a surcharge in our contract that states at $3.50 we can add a small fee but we understand everyone is getting hit by this and we have not implemented that yet. Lawn Service Tampa understands everyone is in the same boat. “Everything we do revolves around gas right now, and when that goes up you start seeing it everywhere.”

Gas Prices are not coming down

Bill Logan asked Chad how are you going to deal with this huge problem that faces everyone, not just Lawn companies. The answer isn’t easy but Lawn Sculptures will continue to work hard on every property we have. Watch our budget and streamline were we can. We can not sacrifice great service and our dedication to our customers that count on us week en and week out. Some of our customers rely on us to maintain their yards because they are not physically able to anymore. The price of  gas is going up and if it turns into a “Mac N’ Cheese night” to control our budget, Lawn Sculptures will do so.